Plzeňské sympozia

Petra Trnková

The Schuh’s Projection Microscope and the "Daguerreotype in Practice"

pp. 182–191 (Czech), Summary pp. 191 (English)

Th?e daguerreotype photomicrographe represents a specific chapter in the earliest history of photography. Although the role it played was rather episodic, as is borne out by the negligible number of extant examples we know of today, in a broader context it should be seen as a logical and necessary step on the road to improving and applying photography in general as widely as possible. ?e central focus of the paper is on one of three daguerreotype photomicrographs that have been preserved in Central European collections, namely the one that is to be found today in the National Technical Museum in Prague, which has traditionally been attributed to the rector of the grammar school in Litomyšl, Florus Ignác Stašek. Attention is devoted both to the technical conditions under which this image may have been created and the question of who was responsible for it, with reference to the role (which cannot be overlooked) played by one of the pioneers of photography and modern microscopy in Austria, Carl Schuh.

Key words: photography - daguerreotype - microscope - daguerreotype photo -
micrographe - Carl Schuh - Florus Ignác Stašek - projection microscope


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